Sunday, July 03, 2011


We stayed at the HOTEL in TONAMI city.

We didn't see any other fishermen there today.
Hoping that it will be good day.

Can you find my first fish?

It was hard to walk across the river without wet.

My beautiful second fish.
It was my last one in the daytime because of two mistakes...

We left this river with much disappointment.
Considering our poor skill, other something must be wrong there. 

Moved to the river C, and waited until it will stop raining.

First fish by attractor.

Second one, #10 Stimulator was my only hit fly there.

3rd one by same only pattern.
 I'd just ignored the hatch after countless try & error.
You are loser, Lance...

Maybe I forgot to try spinner pattern.
It was too difficult to find the answer though, it is fly fishing itself.
I'm thinking of next destination...

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