Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Kailua Beach and North Shore

3rd day's morning, I walked to the rental car office.Good morning exercise,
but it was already over 2hours behind schedule because of late riser...
Rent a car means no beer your lunch time, Lance.
Looks so good, guys.

We loves the burger!
Kailua beach, it was hard to find the parking space.
But definitely worth to visit. So beautiful beach.

Enjoyed swimming very much.
We had sometimes rain today. But it gave us the double rainbows!
Drove to the north shore. Awesome location, mother nature itself.

Sea turtle, we all were so excited!!
It was only one at that time there. We must be so lucky.
She was likely busy for feeding seaweed.
Sunset itself was a little prevented

See you soon, be careful.

Tonight, we all have each drink for celebration.

Drink a toast for our first wild sea turtle and great nature of Hawaii.

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