Sunday, July 15, 2012


We picked 3 hours trail course for practice.

We asked my parents to take care of two daughters today.

These shoes works well, so far.

11:34 got started.

The trail to the MAKUIWA was surrounded with trees.

It was basically cloudy, sometimes raining.

Just fun to walk in the green.

The track of a lava flow is typical feature around Mt. FUJI.
This lava flow likely reaches MISHIMA, our living city.

12:53 Got to MAKUIWA.

We could see FUTAGOYAMA's two peaks first 13:16.

It was getting so windy.

We had so strong wind there.
Could see YAMANAKAKO lake below.

Go up to the top.

Changed to 'gale' at the top. Hard to walk ahead.

FUTAGOYAMA from the other side.

It was just 3H hike. Weather itself was not good,
but we two had good time together without kids today. 

Treat to myself, yum-yum!


Tommy said...

You two look enjoying the time very much!

african said...

Yes we did,Tommy. If you and your wife doesn't dislike it, we would strongly recommend you guys couple's trekking and climbing. Try it!