Monday, December 26, 2005

New Rod Debut, but...

Today, I could go South Folk of Boise River with my family. It was their request to go fishing together.

Recently it was getting warmer(2℃) than before(-10℃), so I agreed their proposal.Of course, when I was fishing, their were playing in the car(back space) .

I used new #6 rod first time, and it was so good for me. I felt casting distance was getting longer than before. And it was also first time for me to fish there in winter.

I wanted to catch the fish by Stonefly Nymph, but there was no reaction. Although I also tried nymph dropper and Conehead Zuddler etc., it was same result. In addition to that, fishing time was given two hours. As a result, I got skunked.

To make matters worse, Engine Oil pan was damaged by fallen rocks on the way to home. We could reach our home safety, but oil was continued to be leaked, finally got empty. So, I had to call road service to come my garage next morning.


yokoyam3 said...

なかなか冬のサウスフォークは厳しいですね。元旦は私は早速O川に行きました。今年初の魚はあそこには珍しく18インチのレインボーでした。ラッキーです。ほかにも自作のミッジドライでブラウンを2尾、仕儀ースペシャルで1尾と計4尾上げました(ほかにもバラシ数尾)ところで、I was a skunk.というと英語で「私はスカンクだった」という意味になります。日本語で「坊主を食らった」といいたいときは、I got skunked.というのが正しいです。ところで2月に今度オレゴンのラグランデ近郊にスティールヘッド狙いで行きませんか?1泊二日で十分狙えると思います。よろしかったら連絡ください。

african said...


yokoyam3 said...

そうそういつかのポスティングで、first fish (初めての魚)が fist fish(握りこぶしの魚)になってましたよ。探してみてください。