Tuesday, April 29, 2008

K.F.S on Showa Day

I've been thinking where should we go to meet her request. She would like to catch her first fish.

I picked KFS; Kakitagawa Fish Story, for it. Even though it was just fish pond, famous that its fish was so healthy and beautiful.

She mainly tried Lure Fishing today there. I had responsibility for the casting and hooking, and she did it by herself after the fish was hooked.

She was so excited to do reeling in the fish!

The size of fish we caught were close to 40cm(16inches) as average.

She was doing well for fly fishing's reeling also.

Just two hours fishing gave us almost two-digit fish, and we kept two* for our dinner today. *Two were caught by Lure, we couldn't keep any fish by fly fishing as its regulations.

The left lower pic was taken by her, today's biggest one , approximately 50cm(20inch) over.

We had good time on Showa Day holiday today anyway.

Monday, April 28, 2008


I went to the fly shop to get the Z-Lon as the material of the shuck. Then I found the 'MORPHO fiber' accidentally.

Yeah, I was just an impulse buyer...

I am expecting its unique showing color. Let me have a great luck, please!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

How about rainy day?; 4th trip to Oshino

When I found that it would be rainy today, a bright idea occurred to me.

There was a rumor which Baetis 'Kokagerou' liked rainy day for its hatch, so I would like to just make sure of it today.

We had intermittent showers today, totally it was a kind of comfortable.

Contrary to my expectation, it was just usual Oshino, which meant there were a few hatches and rises, not easy...

#20 Compara dun, Crippled dun pattern was likely got their attention.

One of great findings was my CDC Onashi pattern was attacked several times!

On the other hand, I couldn't see any Ohkuma adult and #14 Crippled one didn't work at all today. Maybe it's already gone.

It was only 3hours fishing today though, I think I had good time there today also.

Double O

Tonight's theme is W.O., Ohkuma & Onashi.

It is still trial, but not so bad.

Especially for crippled dun, it is getting better than the previous one.

I would like to try the parachute one next.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Endless cycle...

Fishing, tying, fishing, and tying again...
This endless cycle has been my favorite recently, like a kind of drug...

And as you know, the alcohol accelerates every fun!

They are my first 'Gaganbo'(crane fly) pattern. I still have problem to attach their legs, brown C.D.C..

Floating nymph, I hope they'll work good also.

Monday, April 21, 2008

River Watching; Ohmi River

This weekend, my daughter and I had spent most of a day together.

Today we had a kind of short trip with our lunch which we made by ourselves.

The destination was 'Banjo fall' and 'Ohmi river', which were part of Kano river basin.

After we arrived the fall, we took our lunch together. It was so good for us.

Even though it was getting a little cloudy, the fall itself was so overwhelming.

On the way our home, we parked our car by the Ohmi river to see what was going on and have a snack time.

Its stream itself looked so fascinated for me from fisherman's standpoint. But we saw no rise there.

It unlikely there was many hatches. I'm not sure that I'll come there again or not.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ohkuma & Onashi; 3rd trip to Oshino

This was my new weapon today. I didn't know that the wader was not necessary here Oshino.

It was very sunny, a kind of hot today.

I got several strike for #20 compara dun, but missed them...

And I did see 'Ohkuma' mayfly's flying around 1 o'clock. So I tied #14 Crippled dun. Then the big boy sipped it with big mouse! But he wasn't hooked by me... Boy! I missed one more good fish also...

However, their reaction for my fly gave me a kind of confidence.

This stonefly is called 'Onashi ' in Japan.

It might be one of reasons why I took great pain for afternoon fishing today that I didn't have its fly pattern.

At the evening, I had several luck, one by #16 CDC dun, others by #18 Adams parachute.

Everytime I came to Oshino, I learned a lot of things.

I would like to try next theme 'Ohkuma' and 'Onashi' ASAP. It depends on...

Monday, April 14, 2008

For tomorrow

Today also, I am tying tying tying...

The good news which I can take tomorrow off and go Oshino is one of my strong motivation for that.

For this just normal CDC dun, I tried to make its tail beautiful. I think it is not bad.

This Compara dun looks better than yesterday's one.

I hope I'll get a luck with them tomorrow.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Soft Spring

Recently I've been feeling that the spring in Japan was just 'Soft'. The sunshine, wind and air itself, everything looked soft to me. I never felt like that in Idaho US.

I like this season except 'hay fever'...

We came to M_river just for watching the river today.

I could see some aquatic insects, but couldn't see any fish there.

My first tying after China trip was 'Compara dun' #16~#20.

These were my first Floating nymphs.

Tying itself was not so easy, but gave me a lot of fun every time. Maybe it was sometimes more interesting than actual fly fishing itself.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Zhuhai(珠海) again

It was my 2nd visit to Zhuhai for business this time.

The weather had been not good, cloudy or a little rainy through the week, except weekend.

I saw several fishermen at the harbor in Hong Kong.

His performance was interesting at '老四川' restaurant

Tea itself was sweet one and it likely matched hot tasted food there.

Since it was hard trip this time, I took smaller number of pix than usual.

This '牛筋月南湯麺' was my most favorite one in this trip. And, that is it...