Monday, September 04, 2006

3rd day in Yosemite

My daughter and I took a walk around the cabn in the morning.

The giant sequoia in the Mariposa Grove.

We did the camping at Fishcamp, which was located only in 2 miles south of the Yosemite's south entrance.

I think you can find the reason why I chose this campground soon.

After setting everything, we took a walk along the Big Creek. My purpose was certainly to check the flow and fish.

My daughter and wife made a meal for me.

I could have a time to fish after the BBQ dinner.

This was the first fish by royal wolf with one day license of Calfolnia state.
Though it was about 12inches/31cm, it fought well and it was not easy game.

Tiny but pretty brownie.

It was only about 1 hour fishing, but I enjoyed it very much.

Tomorrow is leaving day for over12 hours drive. We were surprised by the almost miracle view and the number of people including us.

I hope we can visit there again with much time in the future.

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