Friday, September 22, 2006


Hatch: Crane fly, Flav
Streamflow 300cfs

This evening, it was unstable weather in SFOB. But I could see the beautiful rainbow because of that.

When I arrived there, it was sometimes rain and strong wind blew.

Last one hour before sunset, weather became better and the Flav hatch has started.

The number of hatch and rised was highest class ever in SFOBI think. I think I caught abot 5fishes by Flav. All sizes were under average(12~14inches)

Last one 16inches(40cm)

It had continued the rise close the bank, which means at the very shallow.

I feel larger one tend to feed close the bank from my experience.

I was satisfied with the rise game iteself, but I would like to catch the larger one if possible.

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