Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Mixed hatches

Hatch: Baetis, Pink Cahill, Crane fly,Flav
Streamflow 300cfs(I didn't know this drop from 600cfs until I arrived there)

I could go to SFOB in the afternoon today, so I wanted to try hopper first in the daytime expecting no hatch. But there was some small rises and I could see a few Pink Cahill. So I tied the pink first.

As a result I seemed to choose a wrong selection. There was nothing. Then I changed the fly to hopper dropper, because these rises seemed to be small one's. But no big boy snapped at it.

Finally I could identified the hatch as baetis's one(BWO). I should have noticed earlier... I tried a little with BWO, but I gave it up. not easy...

About one and half hour before sunset, I moved another hole with the expectaion of Flav hatch. The rises are fewer than I expected.

My flav pattern selection seemed to be wrong again. There was a possibility which those rises were Baetis's. I couldn't distinguish them.

I could also see some Crane Flies there. It was first time to see and looked like smaller than the native in Japan.

I gave that hole up and headed upstream to find the last chance. Finally I could get only one luck at the last hole by Flav!

It had a dazzling pink band and ran all over the place. It was only pity not to take a photo because it swimed away while I prepared the camera. It looked like about 17inches(43cm), and was very good fighter.

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