Monday, October 15, 2007

Fishing with Tommy; Middle Fork of Boise River

Finally my replacement Tommy arrived here in Boise on Friday. I was surprised and pleased to hear that he would like me to take fishing this weekend. He gave me a chance to go fishing since end of August.

I picked the Middle Fork of Boise River up for his first place. I expected some active fish to dry fly still.

On the way we saw dead Skunk on the road.

I hoped it was not bad sign.

It was a kind of hot during daytime.

I tried dry dropper first, and got first one by pheasant tail as a dropper.
Small but good wild fish.

This was my first cut-bow(hybrid of rainbow and cutthroat) by corn head streamer.
Totally fishing there was slow. We were forced to do undersurface fishing. Tommy got skunked today though, likely had a good time there.


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