Monday, October 22, 2007

Callibaetis and Baetis; Fall Silver Creek

I went to the South Fork of Boise River first today after long long interval though, I was fed up with a bunch of anglers.

So I change the destination to the Silver Creek.

At Sullivan Lake(Slough), I did see some rise and no fishermen there. I found some callibaetis dun were sipped by trout.

I caught first one by #16 dun pattern soon. It was a kind of small one, but good start for me.

It was beautiful day there.

I caught some fish there. The largest one was 15incher, so beautiful.

This dun gave me a luck.

Around four o'clock, rises were stopped.

Then I moved to the junction of Loving Creek as second hole.

I found a few baetis dun there, so I selected its dun pattern without hesitation.

Although the number of rise was not so many, I found some certain ones.
The rising spot was so difficult to drift the dry fly naturally.

Fortunately I had good luck.

It was 16inch/40cm pretty colored one. I was so satisfied with this result.

After that, the rise was faded away, and I ended fishing.

I felt I made a better progress than last year.


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