Friday, October 26, 2007

Owyhee with Tommy

Finally Tommy bought his fly tackle by himself. Yeah, it is time to go fishing together again.

I selected the Owyhee River in Oregon to enjoy rise fishing.

Weather was perfect cloudy. We could see some rises here and there.

At first hole, there were good Baetis hatches. Baetis dun pattern should work well though, I missed some take...

Presently the number of rise got decreased and unstable.

Many bugs on surface made me confused. Baetis, Mahogany, Midge... too rich! It was first time to see Mahogany for me.

After we spent much time at first hole, we moved to 2nd hole for the last chance.

Tommy spotted some rises.

Still I was struggling to identify the fly with what fish feeding...

I had short bite to the Griffith's Gnat. Although I missed that take, I got certain confidence.

My first one was 18inches/45cm by midge parachute. This late one gave me a pleasure.

2nd one; 16.5inches/42cm good face.

The last one was 19inches/49cm fattest one in this river.

Anytime I visited this river, there was lots of learning for me.

I hope this healthy river goes on.


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