Friday, August 14, 2009

KIRIFURI Heights and W-GERA(Woodpecker)

We went to KIRIFURI Heights in NIKKO today.

Before 8AM, we arrived at KIRIFURI FALLS first. Female OOAKAGERA(White-backed Woodpecker) welcomed us. Needless to say, I was so excited to see her at first time!

They were sneaking to the butterfly which she found.

KIRIFURI falls. If we have another chance, would like to go down to the basin of a waterfall.

Move to next view point.

Around KISUGE-DAIRA, it was just cloudy when we reached there. But it changed to the sunny for a while.

We used the ropeway both ways.

After that, we dropped in OOZASA ranch and went back to my wife's parents' house.

When we got there, KOGERA(Japanese Pygmy Woodpecker) welcomed us in their garden. It was also my first seeing it.

Today was got started with Woodpecker, and ended with it also. Very Unusual surprise for us.

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