Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My 2nd trip to YUKAWA; HIGENAGA was so hot!

It was almost one year interval to YUKAWA river since last trip .

Got up 4:30 and left my wife's parents' home 20min later. Arrived AKANUMA_CHAYA restaurant just six o'clock, and bought 1day fishing ticket for today.

Starting hole was the same as last trip, YUDAKI.

This tiny brook welcomed me. Just before 7 o'clock.

This is my first catch of HONMASU_trout. Looks like YAMAME trout very much.
Nice to see, so nice one!
After 4 caught there, went down to the stream.

Weather itself was fine, but most of stream were in the shade by hung over trees.

About fly selection itself, small terrestrial and curved shank parachute #14-18 were likely good choice today. Especially black color like ant was so effective today.
But today's my new finding was HIGENAGA! I changed fly to its pattern when I saw several splash rises for it.

Then it gave me a lot of strikes!! I couldn't count exactly though, almost 10 fishes were caught by it.

HONMASU_trout again. Beautiful mark.

He seemed to have a beer belly. This fly pattern was originally as a hopper, but worked as HIGENAGA so well.

Every water pocket, like under fallen tree and bank shouldn't be missed.

KARASU_AGEHA(?) butterfly.

Today's last one was so gorgeous! (That was the reason why I stoppded fishing about 15:30)

He lurked just in front of fallen tree. After I saw his failure attack to my fly, did countless(not overstatement!) casts for him. So It was a kind of dramatic catch for me.

It was so nice fishing trip today. Hopefully see you next year, YUKAWA_river.


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