Friday, August 07, 2009

My new OSHINO records; 4th trip to OSHINO

I could come to OSHINO again today!

Needless to say, today's theme was 'enjoy terrestrial big form fly fishing'.

1st one, good start.

2nd one was brown trout which wore well-balanced color.

'Shade' and 'Tight to the bank ' are important key words for terrestrial game.

Good YAMAME by CDC stonefly.

Move to FUJIKYU hole.

4th was superb brownie by yellow form beetle.

Effect of 'Match the Hatch'? (Bee including hornet is pronouced like 'hatch' in Japanese. Just jesting, sorry.)

Move to ONSEN-URA hole.

6th one was also good brown by white marabou(LTM).

I did check his stomach because I couldn't identify what he was feeding this time.
Looks like one of small caddis species. Need to be identified....

I could succeed in hooking this big boy by sigh nymphing using huge stonefly nymph pattern!

He was not under best condition though, his size was my OSHINO record, 54cm(21inches).

10th one was brown again and again and... by FUTASUJI's crippled dun.
He was so wild! I liked it very much, perfect condition!!

Long-horned beetle on the flower of SHISHI-UDO.

Move to downstream of S turns hole.

11th one was also well conditioned bow by olive body parachute#20.

Stonefly's shuck , Baetis' nymph and one of MADARA mayfly's dun were in his stomach.

I decided to enjoy evening fishing at upper stream section today.

After added 3 rain bows by midge adult and FUTASUJI's crippled dun pattern, last 15th one was this IWANA trout.
I don't think much of the number I caught usually, but today was different, a kind of special day.
In the end I caught 8 bows, 4 browns, 1 YAMAME and 2 IWANA. 15 was my new OSHINO record. And 4 species was also new.
Today was too good for me. The goddess of fishing must have smiled on me.


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