Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Time to be back; 3rd trip to OSHINO

I missed May, June and July of OSHINO this year. Yeah, it was quite long interval, but time has come. Let's be there with your passion, Lance!
Hatch itself was just slow. There were a few rises for midges (just my guess).

As a typical method in summer, form beetle(recipe from kawkoi-san) was so effective, especially in shade. I missed many strikes, but could catch first fish.

This one was by the sight nymphing.

HOOZIRO(Siberian Meadow Bunting)

This IWANA trout bit white marabou(LTM) surely.

BENI_SHIZIMI butterfly

I need to identify this bird. If you have good suggestion, please help me.

It was typical summer day today.

Griffith's Gnat worked well today also. Missed several YAMAME trout was only my regret.

I liked this KUSAFUJI's color.

Move to FUJIKYU hole.


And its crippled pattern worked well this year also! So nice brownie.

I couldn't have evening fishing time today though, had a nice time there.

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