Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Two nights stay camping in NASU Heights

Since I have special long summer vacation this year, we planed two nights camping for the first time.

COCCO_LAND campground was located in NASU Heights and it took 1.5h drive from my wife's parents' home.

Site-F was surrounded by tall broadleaf tree, very good location.

She could get to catch insects by herself, like butterfly and dragonfly.

Dragonfly was catching HIRATA mayfly! We again realized that it was definitely predator insects.

After dinner, their favorite 'Marshmallow time' had come.

Next morning, we found KABUTO_MUSHI beetle on the willow tree. It was first experience for my daughter to see and catch the wild one.

Using dutch oven, what we were making was,

Pizza! So nice to eat!!

KOGERA(Japanese Pygmy Woodpecker) again.

Playing around YOSASA river. It was quite unusual for me not to have fishing time during this camping.

Curry & rice as typical camping dishes.

She helped her mam to flip Pancake over.

We decided to take two pairs of KABUTO_MUSHI beetles just for her observation for a while , and released this NOKOGIRI_KUWAGATA stag beetle.

If you have a chance, let me recommend you 'two nights camping' strongly to enjoy camping itself with enough time.

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